The Brief: The #TrashTag Challenge has people around the globe cleaning up the environment and sharing "Before" and "After" pictures to show-off their efforts.


The #TrashTagChallenge, also known as #TrashTag, has gone viral on social media. Unlike some of the more recent internet sensations, such as the TikTok YeeHaw Challenge challenge and #CheeseChallenge, #TrashTag encourages people, specifically, teens, to go beyond social media fame and also give back to the environment.

In their Facebook post, shared March 10th, TrashTag issued the challenge directly to “bored teens” as a way to curb their boredom while also cleaning up their local communities.

Though the trend first hit the internet in 2015, it recently resurfaced this month and took the internet by storm. The challenge calls for do-gooders to post a photo of “an area that needs some cleaning” as well as another photo “after you have done something about it”.

In two weeks, #TrashTag has become a global movement.

Millennials, Gen Zers, and their Baby Boomer parents have shared their “Before” and “After” photos across social media, hashtagging their posts with #TrashTag or #TrashTagChallenge.

Schools, churches, and families have banded together to do their share and clean up their respective corners of the planet.

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#trashtag #trashtagchallenge #trashchallenge Check out this successfully funded project in Joshua Tree, CA!! They built an interactive map of illegal dumping sites to efficiently remove them! Click the link in our bio and then choose “featured project” to view their project updates and see them in action!!! 💪🏽 . #projectsforgood #environmentalist #environmentalism #humanitarian #humanitarianism #philanthropy #philanthropist #charitablegiving #crowdfunding #jobs #JTtrashmap #joshuatree #keepitwild #wildkeepers #keepnaturewild #youareenough #powerofone #bethechange #makeadifference #changemaker #solutionary #solutionaries #love #mothernature #motherearth #blessed #problemsolving @sustainablecoastlineshawaii @man_with_many_arms

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Several people have gone the extra mile and used their bags full of collected-trash to spell out words and/or numbers.

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#trashtagchallenge لأن التغيير يبدأ بخطوة ، قامت أكاديمية سوف اليوم مع مجموعة من الشباب المتطوع بتحدي النظافة Trashtag أمام جامعة الوادي بالشط، حيث كان الهدف من هذا الاخير هو رفع مستوى الوعي حول حماية البيئة و المحيط من التلوث وذلك تحت شعار "#العالم_يتغير_بمثالك_و_ليس_برأيك" كل الشكـر للمتطوعين الذين تحدوا الظروف المناخية الصعبة لهذا اليوم قادمين من مختلف بلديات الولاية ♥️ ◀️ ندعوكم لمشاركة هذا المنشور لتساهموا في رفع الوعي الاجتماعي لدى الشباب و لتكونوا جزءا من هذا التغيير ♥️ #Souf_Academy #trashtagchallenge #trashtag #Vonteering #Yes_We_Can #تحدي_النظافة #environment #eloued

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Try-hards, am I right?

As with many internet challenges, it was only a matter of time before the memes started rolling out. There are several variations that remove a person or group of people from the “Before” picture, as if to imply that they are the trash. Shots fired!

What with the recent trend in Thanos and Ant-Man memes, not to mention the Avengers: Endgame theatrical release right around the corner, it’s only natural that someone created a Thanos #TrashTag meme.