The Brief: TikToker's are imitating Lil Kim's "Quiet Storm" dance while pretending to dodge items or maintain their balance. The trend is popular among creators of color.


Incredibly popular dance moves often see a second or third life on TikTok. Lil Kim’s iconic “Quiet Storm” dance is making its rounds on the app, again. The dance, which is performed to Lil Kim’s collab with Mobb Deep called “Quiet Storm,” is marked by ducking motions and rigid movements from side-to-side movements.

Here is Lil Kim performing the “Quiet Storm” dance at BET’s 2019 Hip-Hop Awards.

The dance and audio circled the app in November 2019 when creator @therealkhalilshamar performed it. This trend began to re-emerge again when account @thavideoplug shared a video of three girls performing the “Quiet Storm” dance on May 6. The audio associated is linked to over 2500 videos.

TikTokers began to replicate the dance, pretending to either dodge various items or maintain their balance.  Creator @iamdiorrrr’s video about trying to walk steadily on the bus was a popular take, garnering over 298,000 likes and 805,000 views.

Creator @schoollunchtray’s video about scavenging for food in his mother’s womb also performed well on TikTok. It amassed over 238,000 likes and 692,000 views.


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Creator @officialreggiecouz dodged murder hornets.


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Check out other spins on the Lil Kim’s “Quiet Storm” dance on TikTok.


I hope this sound becomes a trend again it’s too funny 😭😭 #comedy #foryou

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