The Brief: "Smile Gets Bigger As You Scroll" threads are growing in popularity on Twitter. Fandoms are sharing pictures of their favorite celebrity's smile and as you scroll, their smile gets bigger and bigger.


Stans and fans alike are creating Twitter threads of their favorite celebrities beaming from ear to ear. The catch is, as you scroll through the thread, the celebrity’s smile gets wider and wider. These type of  tweets began appearing on Twitter around May 21.

If smiling isn’t your thing, proceed with caution. Every celeb’s grin is pretty infectious.

Queen Bey:

Another popular take, featured singer Harry Styles.

His fellow former One Direction member Louis Tomlinson got the same treatment:

We’ve also got a few rendition for Disney favorites, like Marvel’s Thor: Ragnarok director Taika Waititi:

And, Star Wars Oscar Isaac:

Here’s Killing Eve co-stars Sandra Oh and Jodie Comer:

Click through to see a few more stars, like Cate Blanchett:

BTS’ Jimin:

Emily Blunt:

Lily-Rose Depp: