The Brief: The single woman, distracted bride, and groom meme originated from an illustration by Instagram user @peniel_enchill. It is being used as  a meme to illustrate women supporting and dating other women.


A new meme featuring a single woman, a distracted bride, and a groom is making its way around Twitter. The new meme looks very much like the distracted boyfriend meme, but differs in that the captions are edited to suggest the single woman and bride are speaking to each other instead of representing people, places, or things.

The art by Instagram user @Peniel_enchill is from July 2016. It features a woman standing alone in a blush-colored dress looking over at a bride and groom. According to the caption on Instagram, which says ‘Miss to Mrs,’ it appears the illustration is meant to represent one woman moving into the next stage of her life with a partner.


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Illustration for @female_autonomy for her exciting new project, ‘Miss to Mrs’

A post shared by Peniel E. Apenteng (@peniel_enchill) on

However, the image was shared on Twitter with captions that suggested the single woman was envious of the bride and threw shade at her, which was then met with a scathing clapback by the bride.

Twitter users noted the circulating image took the original Instagram post out of context and it pit the women (who are actually the same person) against each other.

On Oct. 27, a Twitter user shared this distorted meme to mock the shady nature of the first twitter post.

As of Oct. 29, Twitter users began to share the photo, editing their own captions to create more light-hearted, funny memes around women supporting women.

And, women dating women:

There are still a few shady memes, though: