The Brief: "She Was A Poem, But He Couldn't Read" memes are growing on Twitter. These memes are a funny take on representing a person or piece of work that was too advanced for its time.


“She Was A Poem, But He Couldn’t Read” memes on Twitter are typically dual-photo posts. The first photo represents something considered to be beautiful or a masterpiece, while the latter represents the reason the former is misunderstood — usually because the former is too advanced.

These memes, which don’t only consist of female subjects, started appearing on Twitter on May 11 and have been popping up ever since. The most popular takes focus on actors who many believe are still owed their flowers for exemplary performances.

Many fans think Tom Hiddleston’s Loki deserved more from Infinity War. Spoiler alert! He’s snuffed out within the first 10 minutes of the two-hour 40-minute film.

Amy Adams has yet to receive an Oscar despite six nominations for standout performances in movies American Hustle, Vice, and more.

A similar sentitment is shared for Chris Evans’ performance in Bong Joon-ho‘s dystopian sci-fi thriller Snowpiercer.

Then there’s the controversial final season of Game Of Thrones:

Here are other takes on the trend.