The Brief: Memes of Senator Kamala Harris smiling and side-eyeing Vice President Mike Pence are going viral after the Oct. 7 Vice Presidential Debate.


Arguably some of the most memorable moments of the Vice Presidential Debate were all of the various reactions Senator Kamala Harris made when Vice President Mike Pence interrupted her. Harris remained calm and collected, but her smiles and raised eyebrows said it all. Those facial expressions were typically followed by fact-checks and reiterations of her qualifications.

Harris’ many faces instantly became the talk of social media. This chart — for example — is helping people relate to one another on Twitter.

There are 12 reactions to choose from. The most popular seems to be 11.

For clarity’s sake, here’s the literal definition.

There’s a good chance you’ve seen (or received) this expression in one of its many forms before.

Harris also threw a little 5, 6, and 10 (aka side-eye) at Pence.