The Brief: The #RedCupChallenge calls for participants to balance a cup on their forehead while sitting down, before using their legs to place the cup on the floor.


The Red Cup Challenge tests participants’ flexibility and balance as they attempt to sit down on the floor and use their feet to move a red cup from their forehead onto the floor. Saweetie performed the back-bending #RedCupChallenge on Instagram and her video has received over 2.7 million views within 17 hours of being posted.

The video has since been shared by popular sites like, The Shade Room and XXL.

This sort of Cirque du Soleil-like challenge saw attempts in July 2020, but the icy rapper seems to have sparked a new bout of the challenge, having nominated her celebrity friends, like Gabrielle Union and City Girls, to get in on it. They’ve yet to take part, but her fans were didn’t waste any time. Within hours, more and more videos are popping up under the hashtag #RedCupChallenge on Instagram. The hashtag #RedCupChallenge has been included in over 2,500 videos on Instagram.

Princess Love successfully completed the challenge while her baby looked on in amazement. Her video garnered over 136,000 views within an hour.

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