The Brief: Relieved Denzel Washington memes are being used all over social media to convey moments of reassurance and solace.


In 1998, Denzel Washington plays a gritty police detective who is after a serial killer in the Warner Bros. film, Fallen.Β According to KnowYourMeme, one of the most intense scenes of the movie depicts John Hobbes (Denzel Washington’s character) discussing the purpose of man on Earth with one of his fellow detectives. The suspenseful lead up to the answer ends with the police station telephone ringing which causes Denzel Washington’s character to sigh with relief.

The “Relieved Denzel Washington Meme” has been used all over the internet, especially Twitter. Originally, the memeΒ became popularized as a gif and has since transformed into a clever response for (nearly) heart dropping situations like when you thought your favorite celebrity died.

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Relieved Denzel Washington Meme in Action: