The Brief: A photo of Regina Hall with her hands over her head is a new meme on Twitter. It is a comedic representation of feelings of surprise, shock, anxiety, and even confusion.


A screenshot of Regina Hall with her hands on her head and looking disheveled is circling Twitter. The meme originated from a video of the actress having a virtual conversation with fellow comedian Kevin Hart, during the program Saving Our Selves: BET Covid-19 Relief Effort special on April 22.

In the video, Hall is noticeably stressed. Hart was taken aback by her messy hair and make-up free look, but he tried to lift her spirits, asking, “Who is the pretty girl?” Hall, while crying-smiling, places her hands over her head, and with childlike enthusiasm says, “Here she is!” That moment became a meme instantly.

Twitter users have since used the screenshot to represent feelings of surprise, shock, anxiety, confusion, and being overwhelmed.

The meme has since evolved to represent 2020 as a whole, considering the slew of unfortunate events and current affairs (World War 3, COVID-19, murder hornets) Twitter user @Stevie_mat suggested someone photoshop flames into the photo for a more accurate depiction of 2020.

Of course, the internet delivered.

One Twitter user merged the screen grab of Regina Hall with the popular “This Is Fine” meme depicting a dog casually drinking a cup of coffee while his house burns around him.

And, others made the new meme their profile picture.