The Brief: Reese Witherspoon's 2020 mood calendar has prompted a new meme. Celebrities and fans are poking fun at 2020 by sharing photos of their varied emotions throughout the year.


Celebrities are poking fun at 2020 by creating calendars that document their mood each month.

These portraits typically display happy and optimistic expressions — because “New Year, New Me” — to photos of their most disheveled looks from their own hit shows and movies. The gradual progression is meant to poke fun at the slew of unprecedented and events that have rocked 2020, primarily the global pandemic in March 2020 that has forced everyone to stay indoors or practice social-distancing.

Reese Witherspoon first shared her 2020 doomsday lewks across her social media accounts on August.

Mindy Kaling followed suit, tagging Witherspoon on Twitter.

Kerry Washington joined in on the fun, sharing her own 2020 disaster looks.

Vulture made their own 2020 celebrity calendar with photos of Rihanna. Rather than cry their way through the year, they’ll be drinking.

Fans responded with their own memes: