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Ever seen something kinda cool, but not interesting enough to share? Well, there’s a subreddit for just that. Nothing is too mundane at r/MildlyInteresting, where users upload photos they find slightly intriguing.

Local Mexican restaurant used to be a Chinese restaurant. Instead of painting over a mural, they just put sombreros on the pandas.
byu/Bombaskos inmildlyinteresting

Found the cliff this Clif bar came from.
byu/AnGabhaDubh inmildlyinteresting

My friend met a stranger at a wedding that looked just like him and was wearing the same thing.
by inmildlyinteresting

The corrosion on this water tap looks like a map
byu/Luke-Skywalk inmildlyinteresting

I got a whole plane to myself when I was accidentally booked on a flight just meant for moving crew.
byu/shadybaby22 inmildlyinteresting

I have only four fingers on my left hand, and have and index finger instead of my thumb
byu/evan4765 inmildlyinteresting

My Uber driver offered a conversation “menu” for his ride
byu/That1Girrl inmildlyinteresting

My broken antenna on my car looks like a half sunken boat.
byu/ogre_easy inmildlyinteresting

These three random men in my photo look like the same person.
byu/thrashbandit inmildlyinteresting

The golf balls at the mini golf on this pier are biodegradable and fall into the sea at the 18th hole
byu/gostoney inmildlyinteresting

Found a travel brochure from the World Trade Center while cleaning out my house
byu/KingShmeebly inmildlyinteresting

My dog destroyed her toy cactus, and there was another sad cactus inside
byu/jpellizzi inmildlyinteresting

Lens flare in this photo looks like Eric Cartman
byu/Edders_19 inmildlyinteresting

My Australian tax return shows where my money went
byu/heapsgoods inmildlyinteresting

This tree looks like straight up broccoli
byu/Bdogg242 inmildlyinteresting

The angle of the sun removes the italics on the shadow.
byu/aviatorlj inmildlyinteresting

My college used to be a shopping mall
byu/Colecaliber inmildlyinteresting

This bee photobombed my picture and ended up in perfect focus.
byu/RDIIIG inmildlyinteresting

The map chipped into this post
by inmildlyinteresting

Three girls in the same row, wearing the same color sweater, with the same color hair
by inmildlyinteresting