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From breathtaking sunsets to stunning mountaintops and gorgeous waterfalls, this subreddit shows off  a remarkable collection of photos aptly dubbed “Earth Porn.”

Mother Nature’s color palette is incredible. Broome, Western Australia [OC] [1080×1350]
byu/ryanchatfieldimages inEarthPorn

Mount St. Helens peaking above beautiful wildflowers and thick fog [OC] [1438×200]
byu/steveschwindt inEarthPorn

So glad I got up for this -15°F sunrise. There’s only a handful of days in the year where the morning light lines up perfectly with the hole in Hollow Rock. Grand Portage, MN. [5287×6995] [OC]
byu/Tuckerolson inEarthPorn

Milky Way coming out of an erupting volcano, Guatemala (OC)[1920×1080]
byu/cryptodesign inEarthPorn

Woke up at 5AM to catch the tulips with morning mist, the Netherlands (OC)[1920×1280]
byu/cryptodesign inEarthPorn

I took this shot last year with a broken lens and bad techniques. Re-visited with better techniques and working gear. This is the result! Downeast, Maine [OC][1367×2048]
byu/ilikefishwaytoomuch inEarthPorn

A rare cloud inversion during sunrise at Mt St Helens, Washington (OC)[1335×2000] @rosssvhphoto
byu/celica90 inEarthPorn

The last couple of days have been so cold but so beautiful! Finland [@niiloi][1080×1350]
byu/ASAmd inEarthPorn

After waiting out a major blizzard in Montana, was treated to one of the best sunset views I can imagine. Glacier National Park, Montana. [OC][1920×2400]
byu/Nateloobz inEarthPorn

Probably the easiest shot you can take in Zion and arguably the best spot! Zion National Park, [OC] [1365×2048]
byu/gurungp inEarthPorn

Avatar Mountains – Zhangjiajie, China – Also known as inspiration for Pandora P.S The echo here is incredible [OC] [1080 x 1350]
byu/ahhlew inEarthPorn

I recently moved to Alaska from Texas. It’s a bit different here. [OC] [1536×1920]
byu/aatdalt inEarthPorn

You might have seen it before, but here’s that one place in Indonesia with a volcano behind waterfalls. [4472 × 5590] [OC]
byu/malthezimakoff inEarthPorn

Eclipse Phases over Brasstown Bald, Georgia [OC] [2048×1365]
byu/nevernudedude inEarthPorn

The triplet, Yosemite national Park [4000×5000] [OC]
by inEarthPorn