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Ever asked a complex question only to get an answer that confused you even more? Not on this subreddit. All questions are answered in a layperson-friendly manner simple enough to explain to a five-year-old!

ELI5:How after 5000 years of humanity surviving off of bread do we have so many people within the last decade who are entirely allergic to gluten? from explainlikeimfive

ELI5:Do donated organs age according to the donor´s age or do they adapt to the age of the new body? from explainlikeimfive

ELI5: How, at 93 million miles away, does the sun feel so warm, yet when a simple cloud passes over it the warmth is incredibly dampened? from explainlikeimfive

ELI5: If there is no cellphone signal, how does the "emergency calls only" mode works? from explainlikeimfive

ELI5: Went on vacation. Fridge died while I was gone. Came back to a freezer full of maggots. How do maggots get into a place like a freezer that’s sealed air tight? from explainlikeimfive

ELI5: If bacteria die from (for example, boiled water) where do their corpses go? from explainlikeimfive

ELI5: How come you can be falling asleep watching TV, then wide awake when you go to bed five minutes later? from explainlikeimfive

ELI5: Why is W called "double U" when it is clearly "double V"? from explainlikeimfive

ELI5: Military officers swear to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States, not the President from explainlikeimfive

ELI5: How can large chains (Target, Walmart, etc) produce store brand versions of nearly every product imaginable while industry manufacturers only really produce a single type of item? from explainlikeimfive

ELI5: The Panama Papers from explainlikeimfive

ELI5: How did we get to the point where laptops and smartphones are in the same price range? from explainlikeimfive

ELI5: Why can people walk many miles without discomfort, but when they stand for more than 15 minutes or so, they get uncomfortable? from explainlikeimfive

ELI5: Why aren’t power lines in the US burried underground so that everyone doesn’t lose power during hurricanes and other natural disasters? from explainlikeimfive

ELI5: what is the reason that almost every video game today has removed the ability for split screen, including ones that got famous and popular from having split screen? from explainlikeimfive