The Brief: r/InternetIsBeautiful is a subreddit dedicated to sharing a wide variety of awesome websites and web tools.


Contrary to what boomers may want you to believe, anything is possible with the internet, and r/InternetIsBeautiful exists to keep you posted on all the amazing things you can do. Whether you want to listen to live radio anywhere in the world, turn your handwriting into a font, or learn to code while playing a game, this subreddit showcases the most useful, weird, and entertaining sites on the web.Β 

Draw a terrible doodle and let Google’s new AI try to guess what it is! from InternetIsBeautiful

You can use this site to type in your address and see how screwed you would be in the event of an atomic/nuclear strike, and also which missles would screw you over by how much from InternetIsBeautiful

Check what your web browser knows about you. from InternetIsBeautiful

This website makes reddit look like a Microsoft Email Account (Good for work) from InternetIsBeautiful

Learn to code writing a game from InternetIsBeautiful

Listen to live radio all over the world by navigating an interactive globe from InternetIsBeautiful

Wikiverse: an interactive galactic map of Wikipedia from InternetIsBeautiful

A series of 27 non-political questions that will determine where you fall on the liberal-conservative spectrum from InternetIsBeautiful

Sideways Dictionary – Like a dictionary, but using analogies instead of definitions from InternetIsBeautiful

Website for Google searches that gives you the search results for what the person before you searched for from InternetIsBeautiful

My friends and I have spent 8 months building a website to discover music festivals called ‘Festival Mapper’. There’s hundreds of lineups, locations and dates, and its free to use. from InternetIsBeautiful

Visualization of weather wind speeds from InternetIsBeautiful

A website to track back mathmaticians through PhD advisors. You’re very likely to get to Isaac Newton or Galileo. from InternetIsBeautiful

Take a Five 2.0 – Take a quick break with a self-destructing tab from InternetIsBeautiful

A website that explains maths concepts in very intuitive way so you don’t have to memorize them. from InternetIsBeautiful

Put in a band and see other artists like them. from InternetIsBeautiful

This website will display all recipes based off what you have in your fridge from InternetIsBeautiful

Turn your handwriting into a font from InternetIsBeautiful

Harvard University offers a completely free online course on the Fundamentals of Neuroscience that you can get a certificate for successfully completing and which requires nothing other than basic knowledge in Biology and Chemistry. from InternetIsBeautiful

Search for Photos by Sketching a Picture from InternetIsBeautiful

Conserve the Sound – A website archiving recordings of the sounds made by old phones, rubber stamps, pinball machines, cameras, typewriters, fans, video game consoles, and other products from 1910 onwards. from InternetIsBeautiful