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Do giraffes get struck by lightning more often than other animals? from askscience

If hand sanitizer kills 99.99% of germs, then won’t the surviving 0.01% make hand sanitizer resistant strains? from askscience

Why are Primates incapable of Human speech, while lesser animals such as Parrots can emulate Human speech? from askscience

If climate change is a serious threat and sea levels are going to rise or are rising, why don’t we see real-estate prices drastically decreasing around coastal areas? from askscience

The recent fire in London was traced to an electrical fault in a fridge freezer. How can you trace with such accuracy what was the single appliance that caused it? from askscience

Why do computers and game consoles need to restart in order to install software updates? from askscience

Why do airplanes need to fly so high? from askscience

What affect does the quantity of injuries have on healing time? For example, would a paper cut take longer to heal if I had a broken Jaw at the same time? from askscience

Why do nearsighted people need a prescription and a $300 pair of glasses, while farsighted people can buy their glasses at the dollar store? from askscience

Why do we have to "fall" asleep? Why can’t we just decide to be asleep? from askscience

If we return to the moon, is there a telescope on earth today strong enough to watch astronauts walking around on the surface? from askscience

Do heavily forested regions of the world like the eastern United States experience a noticeable difference in oxygen levels/air quality during the winter months when the trees lose all of their leaves? from askscience

For humans, sea water is not drinkable due to its high salt content. How do whales, manatees, seals, and other sea faring mammals stay hydrated? from askscience

Does the size of a creature, or the size of its eye, affect what can be seen by the "naked eye"? for example, can ants see things we consider microscopic? are ants microscopic to elephants? from askscience

What % of my weight am I actually lifting when doing a push-up? from askscience

Why is it that during winter it’s not uncommon to have days with abnormally high temperature and summer-like weather, but in the summer it never drops to winter-like weather for a day? from askscience

If we could travel at 99.9% the speed of light, it would take 4 years to get to Alpha Centauri. Would the people on the spaceship feel like they were stuck on board for 4 years or would it feel shorter for them? from askscience

What is the point of using screws with a Phillips head, flathead, allen, hex, etc. instead of just having one universal screw type? from askscience

If light can travel freely through space, why isn’t the Earth perfectly lit all the time? Where does all the light from all the stars get lost? from askscience