The Brief: Social media users are sharing "Quarantine Day X Memes" as a way to track their experiences while being in quarantine for days on end.


Due to the unforeseen circumstances of how the Coronavirus will be impacting society, many social media users are using Quarantine Day X Memes as a way of combatting the weight of how the disease is impacting the entire world.

According to Know Your Meme, one of the earliest instances of this meme occurred on Twitter by @iamTannenbaum who shared his hyperbolic feelings of how quarantining has affected him. His Tweet is captioned with “Quarantine Day 1/Day 2” which shows how the progression of time has changed him into a literal monster while the uncertainty of the future still remains as the United States fights to get the Coronavirus outbreak under control.

After this meme took off, social media users started making this meme template a trend which turned into the Quarantine Day X Memes. These memes tend to show a range of outrageous or plausible outcomes that could potentially occur over a few day’s time while the Coronavirus still puts the public’s health in jeopardy.

Other Quarantine Day X Memes:

On a more serious note, the Quarantine Day X Meme has transcended past humorous manners and has become a part of how survivors share their stories. People have been using this format to convey their experiences with the novel Coronavirus: