The Brief: A photo of a priest in a mask squirting holy water at people with a water gun became a viral meme on May 15.


During the COVID-19 pandemic where six feet social distancing rules are in strict effect, some must find creative ways to get their jobs done, like clergy who shake hands and touch many people in a day. One priest found a fun way to bless people with holy water: a water gun.

A picture of a priest wearing and mask and using a water gun to bless people (with what most presume is holy water) while maintaining his distance, went viral on Twitter. The picture received over 571,000 likes after it was shared on May 15. According to Buzzfeed, the photos, which were taken by parishioner Larry Peplin, received some attention when they were first posted by St. Ambrose Parish on Facebook in April 2020, but Twitter is where it found a new life.

The photo became a meme almost instantly.

Translation: “God bless you… piu piu.”

The moment was also turned into an appropriate piece of art.

The priest made his movie debut, sort of…