The Brief: Places In Movies vs. In Real Life Memes are displaying the juxtaposition between how American cinema captures foreign countries compared to how they actually are.


Places In Movies vs. In Real Life Memes are poking fun at how American cinema commodifies certain cultural aspects of foreign countries to make other nations seem less modern and refined compared to the United States. This ideology in American film reigns true throughout many motion pictures that the United States has produced and distributed throughout American cinema history.

Recently, Netflix released a film with Chris Hemsworth called Extraction and even though the film received critical praise, social media users kept pointing out how the streaming blockbuster movie appeared too saturated. Online, Twitter users were making the observation that American directors tend to make foreign countries on film appear to have a lot of yellow tones and temperature which makes “third world” countries look more chaotic and less “civilized.” Extraction was filmed mostly in Bangladesh, Thailand, and India, specifically Mumbai.

On Reddit, there are subreddits where users discuss the difference between how foreign countries are perceived by Americans compared to how they actually are. These depictions can come off as very stereotypical because American cinema is only focusing on the old cultural aspects and architecture of a country. Ultimately, this makes the entire country seem less modern when in reality countries significantly progressed and industrialized.

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Places In Movies vs. In Real Life Memes

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