The Brief: Playing on Thursday Night Football against the Denver Broncos, the Madden Curse struck the Kansas City Chiefs and QB Patrick Mahomes was injured. Twitter was quick with the reactions and memes to Mahomes injury news.


Kansas City Chiefs head coach Andy Reid opted to rush Patrick Mahomes on a QB sneak on 4th and 1. Mahomes went down with an injury and appeared to have his kneecap popped back into place on the field.

Patrick Mahomes was already dealing with a bum ankle and has slowed his torrid scoring pace as a result. Memers did not hold back in how they felt about the decision that lead to the injury and the flurry of Mahomes Injury reaction memes.

It may not have been the best use of their most valuable player.

Maybe the Madden Curse is real?!

If you think about it, the Madden Curse is actually 2 for 2 in the past two years.

An injury to Mahomes and missing any amount of time would be detrimental to the team’s hopes.

Fantasy football owners are left wondering what they did to upset the fantasy gods.

What would a reaction post be without a SpongeBob meme?

We never have to find out, because we have two.

Prayers up for Patrick Mahomes.

The Chiefs need to protect their franchise QB!

Fans would do anything to get Mahomes back on the field ASAP.

Seriously, multiple people are volunteering their own body parts to Patrick Mahomes.

Not one, not two…

…not three…

Chiefs fans will avenge their QB.