The Brief: The "Oh, I Think She Like Me" TikTok trend is all about the transitions. Typically, creators sit in a chair and flip a shoe up into the air. They then perform a roundhouse kick, before unveiling a different outfit.


Swift and smooth transitions are popular and quite captivating on TikTok. When executed flawlessly and/or in a new and unique format, it’s bound to garner some attention. The latest TikTok trend is a fashion-based transition. These videos are marked by  creators sitting in a chair. They flip a shoe up into the air and then perform a roundhouse kick, before unveiling a different outfit. A variation of the trend sees creators spinning a shoe on the ground and kicking it before showcasing a new wardrobe. These videos are performed to “Kismet” by XIX mixed into Lil Darkie’s “Genocide.” There are 247,000 videos linked to the audio on the app.


Ouu I think she like me
Molly rocks in my green tea

P-P-P*ssy boy g-get out my way, uh
I’ll run up that check before I run any fades, uh

The most popular video under the sound is from @zliang111. It features her dad getting ready for a day out. His impressive roundhouse kick and clean fit received over 3.8 million likes and 14.7 million views.


just dad heading out to deal with the people trying to ban tiktok #tiktokban #dad #savetiktok #dadsoftiktok #martialarts #foryou #fyp

♬ Kismet – XIX

He’s also performed the transition while sitting down. That video amassed over 187,000 likes and 1.1 million views.


dad loves this trend #dad #savetiktok #foryou

♬ Kismet – XIX

Creator @dxvidkim spun his shoe on its toe, before kicking it out of frame and showcasing his black-on-black look. It garnered over 3.6 million likes and 20.3 million views.


lil beyblade action @luisaaaa.x #fyp

♬ Kismet – XIX

@Ag.mcdaniel tossed her shoe into the air before knocking it out of the screen and switching up her ensemble. It received over 2.3 million likes and 11.2 million views.


i love when women 🙈

♬ Kismet – XIX

Other takes:


⚰️ attire #fyp #foryou #alphets #xyzbca #toronto #fashion #mensfashion #style #fy #streetfashion2020

♬ Kismet – XIX


My homophobic pastor father pulled up to my house unannounced as soon as this cut off. And when I tell you I RAAAANNNN. #gay #lgbt #fyp #fypシ #femboy

♬ Kismet – XIX