The Brief: Teens are attempting the "O Saki Saki" dance on TikTok from the Bollywood film Batla House. The dance is known for its complex moves involving back bends, claps, and very good balance.


Teens on TikTok are learning the “O Saki Saki” dance from the Bollywood film Batla House. The choreography is from Nora Fatehi’s fire dance scene and consists of back bends, claps, and very good balance.

While the August 2019 film was promoted by popular TikToker Awez Darbar in July 2019, the choreography is becoming a trend among TikTokers in June 2020. Many are praising the dance for its beautiful, yet difficult moves.

TikToker @kissymichy’s attempt at the “O Saki Saki” choreography wound up with a hilarious result, earning her over 664,000 likes and 2.7 million views.


so gravity is real #fyp

♬ original sound – awezdarbar

@Schoollunchtray, known for making comedy videos, attempted the difficult dance. The video received over 91,000 likes and 351,000 views.


anyways bollywood is dope as heck 😀✨ #foryou #foryoupage #bollywood

♬ original sound – awezdarbar

Creator @Spencewuah also took a stab at the dance with a little assistance from @littleindianchica his video received over 238,000 likes and 916,000 views.


Reply to @littleindianchica THANK YOU EVERYONE FOR THE TIPS!! it was definitely a lot easier to get up! #fyp

♬ original sound – awezdarbar

Other “O Saki Saki” TikTok videos:


#duet with @andrea.suth as long as u finish strong the rest doesnt matter 😌

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Reply to @aedwards81 i’m officially obsessed w this dance 😭 MakeSomeoneSmile #DadsOfTikTok ShaveItOff #YogaFlow #foryou

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