The Brief: TikTokers are poking fun at hated combinations of types of people, food, and more to a cover of Akon's "Don't Matter" while using TikTok's "Mirror Reflection" effect.


TikTokers are pairing types of people, personality traits, food, and other things that are typically hated together as part of the “Nobody Wants To See Us Together” trend on TikTok. Creators use TikTok’s “Mirror Reflection” effect to represent the “hated” pair. These videos are performed to a cover of Akon’s “Don’t Matter.” At the time of publication, the cover has over 82,000 videos linked to it. The trend began rising in popularity on the app on April 17.

The lyrics featured in the video are:

Nobody wanna see us together
But it don’t matter, no (‘Cause I got you, babe)

Actor Noah Schnapp took on the trend, pairing “any basic girl” and “putting their first and middle name in their insta bio” together on April 19. His video received over 2.4 million likes and 9.9 million views.

@noahschnappthis is my favorite new trend♬ original sound – _lilo_stich_

Creator @isbrandonok paired “girls who wants attention with “a knee brace.” His video garnered over 1.1 million views and 244,000 likes.

@isbrandonoki’m sorry i’m sorry i’m sorry but KFJHFJAKS y’all know it’s true 😭😭😭💀 ##fyp ##OwnTheCurve♬ original sound – _lilo_stich_

Creator @tyshonlawrence paired himself with Kim Kardashian’s “75k diamond earring she lost in the ocean,” referring to the viral moment when Kardashian freaked out after losing her earring on vacation in an episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians. The video was watched over 508,000 times and received over 144,900 likes.

@tyshonlawrenceI will never give up till I find it (read bio)♬ original sound – _lilo_stich_

Here are a few other popular “Nobody Wants To See Us Together” videos:

@collinb963♬ original sound – _lilo_stich_

@spookyspiderciderAnd that’s on “sOmEoNe TaKe HeR eYeLiNeR aWaY” 😂

♬ original sound – _lilo_stich_