The Brief: As Coronavirus-related quarantines and self-isolation become more widespread, people are communicating through the video chat platform Zoom and making memes about it.


Zoom memes illustrate some of the experiences people are having as social interactions move to video chat platforms like Zoom, Google Hangouts, FaceTime, and Skype. During the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, social isolation and quarantine are key to preventing the spread of the virus. As schools, workplaces, social groups, and other forms of interaction move online, Zoom is becoming an increasingly popular tool for virtual communication.

Check out our roundup of memes and fun backgrounds to spice up your next Zoom meeting! 

In the wake of this pandemic, the Zoom CEO has offered K-12 schools access to Zoom for free to make video classes more widely accessible. As many colleges shift to online learning, students are joking that they’re attending Zoom University.

The New York Times reported on the ways in which young people are turning to Zoom to replace IRL interactions, with many Gen Z-ers joking that the nickname for members of their generation Zoomers is a reference to their reliance on the platform.

Zoom Memes For Self Quaranteens

Created in March 2020, a Facebook group called “Zoom Memes For Self Quaranteens” has already accumulated over 200,000 members. This group mostly consists of students in quarantines or self-isolation sharing memes about their experiences to pass the time. It also features events such as a “Zager (zoom rager)” this Friday and Ok Zoomer Speed Dating.

Everyone’s schedule for rest of the semester 😩

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Memes From Zoom Classes, Meetings, Happy Hours, Etc.

Az Zoom becomes the ubiquitous platform for group video chats, memes reflect how social interactions from dating to work to parties and more are changing as they go online.

I don’t think that shit works like this from dankmemes

The school must go on from dankmemes

(Insert Disappointment) from teenagers

Webex and Zoom from ProgrammerHumor

Old Habits from dankmemes