The Brief: Twitter users are posing questions along with the answer options "YesπŸ‘‡ YesπŸ‘‡ YesπŸ‘‡" or "NoπŸ‘‡ NoπŸ‘‡ NoπŸ‘‡ " to share their opinions.


“YesπŸ‘‡ YesπŸ‘‡ YesπŸ‘‡” and “NoπŸ‘‡ NoπŸ‘‡ NoπŸ‘‡” Twitter memes make statements by posing a question but only giving “yes” or “no” as the possible answer.

These memes use the “backhand index pointed down” emoji: πŸ‘‡ to point to the “reply,” “retweet,” and “like” buttons, following a trend where people ask their followers to engage with a tweet by clicking one of the options to signify different answers or reactions. However, these memes only give viewers one possible answer, thus emphasizing a positive or negative statement based on the question.

Variations of this format have circulated online on and off and it’s experiencing a surge in popularity in February, 2021. Stan accounts, political candidates, activists, brands, and individuals are using it to post about fandoms, social issues, products, daily life, and more.