The Brief: People who received the stimulus deposit from the American government are making memes about how: "Y'all Shouldn't Have Given Me That $1,200," which is usually paired with a Tweeted image of a ridiculous purchase.


People who are lucky enough to get the stimulus deposit are Tweeting comical pictures of absurd purchases below the statement: ‘Y’all Shouldn’t Have Given Me That $1,200.’ These memes are relating back to the fact, that the stimulus deposit isn’t nearly enough to feel actually stable in the ways that the Coronavirus has jeopardized the United States’ economy.

The purchases in these memes involve hideous-looking cars, movie references, and designer-branded items. The thread is trending on Twitter as people respond with their reactions to how unfeasible it is for people to even purchase the items listed on Twitter.

“Y’all Shouldn’t Have Given Me That $1,200” Memes: