The Brief: WWIII video game memes make fun of the way players of different video games might act on the battlefield if war was to break out between the United States and Iran.


WWIII video game memes are the next installment of memes making light of escalating tensions between the United States and Iran after the Trump administration killed Iranian Major General Qassim Suleiman.

WWIII memes have blown up on Reddit and Twitter since news of Suleiman’s assassination broke last week, and this new wave of memes predicts how players of various video games will react when their skills are put to the test on the battlefield.

Iran won’t be laughing when somebody rolls up in a John Deere T660 Combine Harvester from dankmemes

Just wait… I’m gonna have a diamond armor in no time from dankmemes

time to banana snipe some iranians from dankmemes

Gamers unite! from dankmemes

Just hope it doesn’t lag from dankmemes

[removed] from dankmemes

Ngyes from dankmemes

Abraham Lincoln invented the Rocket Jump from dankmemes

Call of Duty has trained generations of hardened soldiers:

When your KD comes back to haunt you:

Get ’em sis:

Press F to pay respects:

Fortnite has done wonders for the youth platoon:

No building here bud:

Can’t wait to buy all the skins and emotes from dankmemes

Friendly fire on from dankmemes

We will need some Mario Kart players manning the tanks:

Time to get that speed boost from dankmemes

Luigi lovers will man the vacuums:

Don’t test the vacuum from dankmemes

More WWIII video game memes:

Decisions, decisions from dankmemes

Why EA? from dankmemes

Get rekt scrub. from dankmemes

Surprise from dankmemes

Excellent new maps and weapons from dankmemes

Speedrunning is an art:

World Record – Any% from dankmemes

Iran: Why do I hear boss music? from dankmemes

*stops rolling* from dankmemes

Some on Reddit and Twitter weren’t amused by the endless WWIII video game memes:

The truth from dankmemes