The Brief: These TikTok videos show people acting the handshake meme to show separate things sharing common ground.


This TikTok meme is a video adaptation of the popular handshake meme. In these videos, TikTok-ers show two different things shaking hands, indicating that they share a common characteristic. In the one-man show spirit of TikTok videos, the two things are usually played by one person, using text labels to indicate what they represent. Then, a close-up of an elaborate handshake, high five, or fist bump is shown to illustrate those two things or people bonding over their commonality.

These videos are performed to the song “Womp Womp” by Valee, featuring Jeremih. According to Genius, the song experienced a significant surge in popularity after this TikTok meme went viral.

At the punchline of these jokes are roasts and self-drags, which are often centered around puns. This meme format combines some of TikTok’s signature features: meme-ability, popular song soundtracks, and quick, relatable humor.

The hashtags #handshake, #handshakechallenge, and #wompwomp have received tens of millions of views.

TikTok Handshake & Womp Womp Memes

Looking like a snack:

On James Charles being canceled:

Anti-Vax Jokes:

A more literal interpretation of the meme: