The Brief: Post Malone's reaction to a woman flashing him at a concert has gone viral as a reaction image meme.


At a Post Malone concert in Minnesota, a fan captured a photo of the rapper’s reaction to a woman in the front of the crowd exposing her breasts to him. In this image, Post Malone’s reaction somewhat resembles Surprised Pikachu and like Surprised Pikachu, these flashing Post Malone memes have gone viral as a way to depict surprise.

In some variations of these memes, Post’s reaction is implied to be sincere, while in others, his dropped jaw represents feigned awe. Many of these memes reference how Malone’s face resembles that of child-like wonder and amazement.

Another version of this meme is similar to the distracted boyfriend format in that the crowd behind Post Malone represents something being ignored and the woman flashing him is labeled as something that gets a disproportionate amount of attention.

While this meme includes somewhat inappropriate subject matter, the image itself is safe for work as the woman has her back to the camera.

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