The Brief: Wisdom Dog memes depict a 3D animation of a dog in a red airplane and a dog riding on a cloud sharing wisdom with each other.


Wisdom Dog memes come from a short CGI video titled “Great: The Show episode 7” by Ukinojoe and barfconvention. In the video, a dog riding in a red airplane named “The Dog” encounters a dog named “The Dog Of Wisdom.” The Dog Of Wisdom says “I dispense wisdom,” to which The Dog replies “what is your wisdom.” The Wisdom Dog then says: “if your ball is too big for your mouth, it’s not yours.”

This surreal animated scene has been turned into a variety of memes, which have circulated since 2015, according to Know Your Meme. Some Wisdom Dog memes consist of fan art inspired by the video. Others form image macro memes out of the video, such as a four-panel meme that grew popular on Reddit in March 2020. These memes typically depict the Dog Of Wisdom dispensing a piece of “wisdom” that is actually a pun, joke, or obvious fact, similar to the content of Mind Size Mega memes or the #YouShouldKnow TikTok trend.

Good wisdom dog from memes

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Online classes suck balls from teenagers


Use this template to create your own Wisdom Dog meme. For more material, check out the original Dog Of Wisdom video.

Actual Wisdom Dog template, every other one I found had text in the third panel from MemeTemplatesOfficial