The Brief: After Donald Trump repeatedly interrupted him during the first presidential debate, Joe Biden told him off, saying "will you shut up, man," inspiring online reactions and a new meme format.


In Cleveland, the first presidential debate between former Vice President Joe Biden and current President Donald Trump inspired several meme formats and viral jokes, including one from the moment when Joe Biden said “will you shut up, man” to his opponent. As Trump repeatedly interrupted him while he was delivering an answer about the Supreme Court, Biden responded with “will you shut up, man?” followed by “this is so unpresidential” and “keep yappin’ man” as moderator Chris Wallace tried to establish order in the room.

As soon as Biden uttered the phrase, people remarked on how relatable the urge is to tell the President to simply “shut up.”

Apparently, Hillary Clinton would have liked to have said that herself in the 2016 debates, which she confirmed on Twitter.

The Biden campaign reportedly started selling “will you shut up, man” t-shirts based on the meme, but as of the time of writing, they’re no longer listed on the website.

More broadly, meme-makers have applied the “will you shut up, man” line to a variety of situations, many of which have nothing to do with the debates themselves.

Why can’t I skip this ugh
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MRW one of my buddies starts spewing Flat Earth arguments and conspiracy theories for the 100th time.
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Never again
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We were this close to enjoying the day
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Will you shut up, man?
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For those who are tired of seeing “sus” Among Us memes:

New meme format 100%
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We all lost smh
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Will you shut up man?
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A crossover meme:

Presidential debate in a nutshell.
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