The Brief: These memes propose scenarios in which a good thing will happen on the condition that a bad one will also occur.


These memes originate from, a website that asks people to share if they’d select or reject a conditional scenario. The options are laid out with something that would be considered positive occurring on the condition that something that would be considered negative would also happen. Website visitors then have the option to press the button or click “I will not.” After selecting their choice, they can see how others voted before them.

This website and memes about the game have been around for years. The meme having a resurgence on Reddit right now where it is combined with other popular meme formats. Will You Press The Button? memes are particularly popular on the Dank Memes subreddit. Some of these memes are taken directly from the website while others were photoshopped from a screenshot of the site.

Many of these memes express the sentiment that both the “good” thing and the “bad” condition are desirable so that they’d gladly press the button.

A meta Thanos meme:

I became the very thing I swore to destroy
byu/Dr_Helpless indankmemes

Minecraft vs. Fortnite meets Thanos meets Is This A Pigeon? 

I think it is
byu/ThotSlayerK indankmemes

Fortnite and Instagram haters will see this as an absolute win.

Smash that like button
by indankmemes

The hammering Spider-Man indicates that someone is very happy with both of the proposed outcomes and would enthusiastically press the button.

A dream come true
byu/ClassicDecimus12 indankmemes

Preventable disease vs. video game deprivation:

now we’re talking
byu/KarutoKazehaya indankmemes

I lost more today than you can imagine
byu/Hash0700 indankmemes

Would you do it?
byu/fairy_tacos indankmemes

To no man’s land we go
byu/epsilon_gamma inHistoryMemes

I’m well prepared
byu/maumau818e inthanosdidnothingwrong