The Brief: A series of memes encourage people to donate $3 to Wikipedia.


Recent Wikipedia memes are a reference to its annual donation drive. In December, Wikipedia typically fundraises by adding banners to its site, urging readers to donate as little as $3 to support the nonprofit. Although Wikipedia relies largely on unpaid volunteers to create and edit its pages, funds are used to keep the site running. In the past, Wikipedia has been criticized for its dramatic fundraisers that urged people to donate to prevent the site from being shut down.

This year, Wikipedia donation efforts are a popular meme topic, especially on Reddit. These memes both seriously and sarcastically applaud people who donate $3 or more to keep Wikipedia going. Some memes liken these donors to heroes, gods, or martyrs, while others suggest that people are only posting about the topic to gain Reddit “karma” – likes or “upvotes.”

Wikipedia needs us…. from r/dankmemes

me_irl from r/me_irl

Not all heroes wear capes from r/dankmemes

Too many fake supporters out there from r/dankmemes

For just the price of a cup of coffee… from r/dankmemes

Yes I’m rich from r/memes

I did my part from r/dankmemes

Donate from r/dankmemes

I offer unto thee a gracious gift of 3 from r/dankmemes

The magic number from r/dankmemes