The Brief: Wii Matt Mii memes treat a pre-set Wii sports character as an all-powerful god.


Matt Mii is the name of a Nintendo Wii CPU – a pre-set computer-based character. He is the most skilled of any non-playable character and champion in both boxing and swordplay. Mii is the last name for all pre-set Wii characters. Matt Mii is special because of his skills in the Wii Sports package games, and many meme-makers have given him the status of a meme god.

Matt Mii memes, which are particularly popular on the Dank Memes subreddit laud Matt as the “god of Wii,” admiring him for his immense power. These memes treat Matt similarly to Ultra Instinct Shaggy, suggesting that he is an all-powerful being capable of defeating villains like Thanos. Some memes pit Shaggy and Matt against each other, speculating about who would win.

Although the Wii is a largely outdated console, the meme appears to revolve around Wii nostalgia and the people of Reddit‘s apparent interest in unlikely superheroes like Ultra Instinct Shaggy and Big Chungus.

Matt, god of wii from r/memes

A reference to Elon Musk Gun Memes:

death, famine, war, pestilence from r/dankmemes

Matt the destroyer of worlds from r/memes

You cant escape your fate from r/dankmemes

Big if true from r/dankmemes

Please, any other Mii but him! from r/gaming

You cannot win against Matt. from r/dankmemes