The Brief: Funky Student memes express how "wiggity-wack" it is when someone kills your vibe.


The Funky student wiggity-wack meme format became popular on rin late August 2019 and uses an image from the role-playing video game Persona 4. In the image, a character called “Funky student” says:

“Man, you just killed my vibe…

That’s wiggity-wack, yo.”

According to a 2005 Urban Dictionary entry, “Wiggity Wack” means that “Not only is the noun that is being referred to totally wack, but it is a wack that is so horrible that you need to add the wiggity infront of the wack. It is has approximately ten times the potentcy [sic] of regular type wack.”

People are posting this meme format on Reddit to express their frustration at someone “killing their vibe” and just how “wiggity-wack” that can be. This image macro format combines nostalgia for Persona 4 with the silliness of the Funky student’s phrasing for a number of amusing and relatable memes.

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"wHeN i WaS yOuR aGe… " from dankmemes

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