The Brief: These memes make fun of our tendency to forget people's names immediately after they introduce themselves.


The human mind is an incredible machine capable of amazing things, except when it comes to our ability to remember names. “What’s your name again?” memes make fun of the fact that we either immediately forget someone’s name after asking them, or we inexplicably space out during their response.

What’s your name again?
by inmemes

The struggle is very real
byu/Pirate_Redbeard intrippinthroughtime

Wait, what’s your name again?
byu/Floor_Space inmemes

A Thanos meme from the Marvel film Avengers: Endgame:

What’s your name again?
byu/Dragonaax inMemes_Of_The_Dank

What was your name again?
byu/PJMonster inmemes

What’s your name again?
byu/swagh3tti inmemes

A “What’s your name again?” meme featuring PewDiePie and Mike Wazowski:

Cool story, what’s your name again?
byu/itsSodiumChloride inPewdiepieSubmissions

So anyway, I started tossing.

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