The Brief: The "What's Stopping You From Doing This?" kiss on train meme sees Twitter users poking fun at a photo of a couple kissing while dangling off the side of a train.


The “What’s Stopping You From Doing This?” kiss on train meme on Twitter was born of a viral photo of a couple hanging off the rails of a train going over a bridge. These sort of death-defying, “do it for the ‘gram”-style stunts are dangerous and have actually led to injuries and even death, all for the perfect shot.

A photo of a couple dangling off the side of a train has been in circulation before on the internet before, but it evolved into a meme on Twitter after a user shared it along with the question “What’s stopping you from doing this?” on Nov. 8.

Some users questioned the image, alleging it was Photoshopped.

Others began sharing their own versions of the stunt on Twitter with the same caption.

This one features Pepe and Wojak.

Here’s Winnie The Pooh and Tigger, too.