The Brief: The Broom Challenge to make a broom stand up on its own is sweeping the web.


The viral Broom Challenge can be completed by making a broom stand up without outside support. This relatively easy-to-complete internet challenge spread online on February 10th, with videos gaining thousands and even millions of views.

Is NASA Involved?

Rumors were circulating that the Broom challenge is only possible on certain days of the year including February 10th, 2020, due to shifts in the earth’s gravitational pull. Several viral posts even suggested that NASA had “said” this to be true. Not only is this claim false, but NASA even debunked it in a video posted to the agency’s official Twitter account.

Broom Challenge How-To

As this balancing act is not directly affected by the earth’s gravitational pull, the secret to making a broom stand up on its own is merely patience and a delicate touch. Spreading out the bristles is an effective technique to help the broom stand upright.


This internet challenge has gone viral across social media platforms. Celebrities including DJ Khaled and Paula Abdul have tried their hand at the #BroomstickChallege.

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