The Brief: Femboy Hooters is a proposed restaurant based on the chain Hooters, but with feminine men working there.


You’ve heard of Goth IHOP, now get ready for Femboy Hooters. The idea of a Hooters restaurant staffed by femboys instead of large-breasted women has been circulating online via memes.

According to Know Your Meme, the earliest known post about this was a tweet in 2019 by @Comfy_Times. From there, the idea took off through memes, the formation of the subreddit r/femboyhooters which has over 6,700 subscribers, and even a petition with over 7,100 signatures.

The concept of Femboy Hooters toes the line between jokes and serious proposals. Memes about it often simultaneously make fun of the idea of such a restaurant and demand that it be established.

The official Twitter account for the Hooters mascot “Hootie” got in on the meme, tweeting “Nothing like getting an email from your boss with the subject line ‘Femboys’” on June 11, 2020.

An interpretation from the YouTube channel MemeAnalysis suggests that Femboy Hooters is the ultimate expression of Gen-Z sexuality, contrasting the boring Boomer-sexuality of a typical Hooters with one that fetishizes a gender presentation rooted in online communities. The video suggests that if such a restaurant were to exist in real life, it would ruin the meme, as femboys can’t be confined to a physical space.

Femboy Hooters has paved the way for several other restaurant and business ideas including “Tomboy Outback Steakhouse,” “MILF Dennys,” Twink-Fil-A,” and “Clown Girl Chuck-E-Cheese.”

In addition to memes, fan art depicting what a Femboy theme restaurant might look like or how the employees might dress has been circulating online.

Le femboy hooters fanart has arrived
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I drew my friends as femboy hooters waitresses. Just thought I’d share lol
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