The Brief: Femboy Friday is a weekly celebration of femboys.


On social media platforms including TikTok, Reddit, and Twitter, Fridays are for the Femboys. On #FemboyFridays, self-proclaimed femboys post selfies and videos of themselves. The comments sections of these posts are largely positive and affirming, complimenting femboys on their appearance and clothing.

This trend became particularly popular around the time Femboy Hooters memes spread on social media in May and June 2020. On TikTok, videos associated with the hashtag #FemboyFriday have been viewed over 46.3 million times. An audio clip that repeats the phrase “it’s femboy Friday” has been used in over 2,700 videos.


#femboyfriday #femboy #xycba #fyp #trending

♬ Судно (Борис Рижий) – Molchat Doma


Happy #femboyfriday from your favorite new femboy hooters employee #fyp #poppunk

♬ original sound – treyxvone


my mom filmed this lol #femboyfriday

♬ original sound – aliodwyerx


@333omalicha it’s #femboyfriday

♬ Stunnin’ – Curtis Waters


#femboyfriday i look.. so good

♬ ITS FEMBOY FRIDAY – fishteeth