The Brief: Anti-memes are absurd memes that don't have a clear point other than being random or obvious.


Memes are typically postmodern, but what about when they’re post-meme?

Anti-memes are inside jokes that play with the concept of memes themselves. They are basically meme versions of anti-jokes.ย Many memes are already inspired by anti-humor, but anti-memes are extra random, extra obvious, extra meaningless, or extra niche memes. Often they directly explain a meme format, instead of using it as a way to convey something else, as most memes do.

If you’re confused by an anti-meme, remember: the joke is there is no joke, the meme is there is no meme. Still confused? Well, that’s probably the point.


When you run out of batteries from r/antimeme

me irl from r/meirl