The Brief:

This meme asks a simple question: what if 'we' kissed in an unexpected, not traditionally romantic place?


What if we kissed in our Club Penguin Igloo? What would you do if we kissed in the frozen foods aisle at Ralph’s? What if we accidentally kissed at the Toyotathon sales event?

A new meme format enables people to ask all of these questions and more. It reflects on the possibility of people kissing in abstract places such as inside the virtual worlds of video games or on the sets of beloved teen shows from the early aughts.

Overall, this meme parodies the cheesiness and awkwardness of teen crushes and romance. It usually includes a blocky font and excessive use of emojis to convey an overall tone of cringey adolescence.

Some variations of the meme take its elements of sarcasm and randomness even further, imagining people kissing in absurdly bizarre places and scenarios. The “what if we kissed” meme is popular on Tumblr, Twitter, Instagram, and beyond.

According to Know Your Meme and New York Magazine, this meme was inspired by previous formats that asked “what would you do if we accidentally kissed?” and “what would you do if we kissed?” These both carry a similar tone of teen nostalgia and adolescent awkwardness.