The Brief: A common colloquialism for being speechless or unable to handle something.


Gen Zers and Millennials use this slang expression to indicate when someone is at a loss for words, usually as a result of feeling overjoyed or annoyed AF.

The term was made popular on Tumblr in the early 2010’s. Today, it’s stereotypically used by basic b**ches to caption reaction images on social media. It can also be uttered in person in response to something bewildering.

In the phrase “even” closely translates to “manage”. As in, “I can’t manage” my feelings, my body’s response, etc.

The phrase is sometimes paired with “Literally” at the forefront.

While “literally” seems to add extra emphasis to the phrase in especially absurd moments, it does not change the meaning. Similar to “I’m dead,” the word “literally” is not used literally, but as a way to exaggerate a situation.

This person on Twitter can’t even when it comes to GoT spoilers.