The Brief: Robbie Rotten is the villain from the Icelandic educational television show, LazyTown.


Robbie Rotten memes feature the image of a cartoon-like man with dramatic eyebrows, chiseled facial features, and a jutted out chin. He wears a brightly colored striped jumpsuit and turtleneck. Robbie Rotten’s meme-ability is likely due to his eccentric appearance, the bizarre nature of LazyTown and the fact that he is a villain that people love to hate – and even love to love.

robbie rotten, the strongest and kindest villain of them all from r/Bossfight

In 2016, Robbie was named “meme of the year” on the Dank Memes subreddit.

Yes/No Memes

The most common Robbie Rotten meme format is similar to the Drake yes/no meme. It depicts Robbie Rotten’s face two times. In the first panel he looks disapproving and in the second he looks approving. Images are added to suggest that one thing is good and the other is bad.

Meme👏correction👏 from r/PewdiepieSubmissions

Source: Reddit

We Are Number One

“We Are Number One” is the title of a widely-memed song that Robbie sings in LazyTown.

We Are Number One but it’s synced by Overwatch? We miss you Stefán Karl 🙁 from r/Overwatch

Stefán Karl Stefánsson’s Death

The actor who portrayed Robbie Rotten, Stefán Karl Stefánsson died of cancer in 2018, inspiring many fans of his memes and work to create memes in his honor and to “press F to pay respects.”

Spent 3 whole hours making a reddit snoo for robbie rotten in honor of Stefan. Rest In Peace 🙏 from r/dankmemes

Stefan Karl, also known as Robbie Rotten has died of cancer. F from r/dankmemes

Other Robbie Rotten Memes

You wanna compete with #1? from r/dankmemes

No seriously why from r/dankmemes

Stand user: Robbie Rotten, Stand name: number one from r/UnexpectedJoJo

A hot Robbie Rotten format has hit the market. INVEST HEAVILY from r/MemeEconomy

I’m blessing you with Number One! from r/dankmemes

It’s sad that he passed away so early 😔 from r/dankmemes