The Brief: TikTokers are reminiscing on the early to mid-2000s with their own renditions of "Welcome to Disney Channel" commercials.


#WelcomeToTikTok is the perfect meme for Disney Channel fans both young and old. Back in the days of Lizzie McGuire, That’s So Raven, and Wizards Of Waverly Place, afternoon Disney Channel viewing would be interrupted by short clips of the shows’ stars saying “I’m ____ from ____ and you’re watching Disney Channel.” They’d then move a ‘magic wand’ to ‘draw’ a sparkly set of Mickey Mouse ears onscreen. These short videos inspired many children, teens, and tweens to wish that they, too, could possess the power to point a wand and make Mickey Mouse ears appear out of thin air.

With a new editing feature on TikTok, this dream is becoming a reality. In videos labeled #WelcomeToTikTok, people are using the AR brush tool to draw mouse ears onto the screen.

Many of these videos show someone standing in front of a mirror and drawing their best version of Mickey Mouse ears with a wand-like object.

It’s fun to see what types of tools people use when they don’t have magic wands such as hair straighteners, pencils, barbecue lighters, and wooden sticks.

In some videos, people draw something other than the classic Mickey Mouse Ears, writing out words or drawing other shapes.

Many of these videos highlight just how hard it can be to draw a convincing set of Mickey Mouse ears. As this video shows, Disney Channel’s child stars may have faced similar struggles, relying heavily on video editing to make their drawings into a perfect Mickey outline.

…And Welcome To TikTok