The Brief: Wednesday memes illustrate the ups and downs of the middle of the week.


Wednesday memes express excitement over the week being half over and dread that the week is only half over. What’s a better way to cure the mid-week blues than through memes?

The weekend couldn’t come sooner from memes

A relatable moment from 30 Rock:

What a week, huh? from r/30ROCK

A reference to Wednesday Addams:

all week the same from r/funny

Hump Day

Spawned by a viral Geico ad, Hump Day memes double down on the excitement of Wednesday as a mid-week milestone. The idea is that as it is in the middle, it is the “hump” of the week.

Woman Crush Wednesday

In the same vein as #MCM, #WCW celebrants post photos of women they find attractive or simply want to call attention to on their social media.

It Is Wednesday My dudes

Another meme made popular on Reddit is the It Is Wednesday My Dudes frog, who simply notes the fact that it is Wednesday.

me_irl from r/me_irl

You’ll never guess what today is. from r/dankmemes

Misc Wednesday Memes

A “halfway to the weekend” outlook:

When it’s not the weekend or The Weeknd:

Those Wednesday feels…~Nienor

Posted by "There is always hope." ~ Aragorn on Tuesday, November 22, 2016