The Brief: This meme format interprets a line of dialogue from Avengers: Infinity War to roast certain groups, communities, or people.


This image macro meme format incorporates a memorable quote uttered by the character T’Challa, aka Black Panther, in the 2018 Marvel flick Avengers: Infinity War.

The still image from the film shows T’Challa uttering the line, “We don’t do that here.” In the context of the film, he’s telling a confused Bruce Banner that they do not bow for royalty in Wakanda. The meme, which spread quickly on Dank Memes following the film’s release, is most often used as the punchline to jokes about social “faux pas,” both real and exaggerated.

I’m sorry we don’t do that here from memes

“We don’t do that here” from memes

Occasionally, the meme is used seriously or defensively (as seriously and defensively as a meme can be used, that is), however, most iterations playfully roast or drag certain groups or physical locations.

Unsurprisingly, several Redditors have used the meme to poke fun at their own community:

We don’t do that here from memes

We don’t do that here from memes

We don’t do that here. So don’t! from memes

Talk about taking an L:

“We don’t do that here” from memes

When discussing the possibility of an R-rated Marvel film. Would Stan Lee approve?

We don’t do that here from memes

In some altered versions of the meme, meme makers have blacked out parts of the dialogue to convey a new meaning:

works every time (OC) from dankmemes