The Brief: These memes poke fun of the Washington Football Team's new name: "the Washington Football Team."


Social media users are mocking the Washington Football Team’s recent name change via memes and commentary about the name itself and the controversy around it. The topic started trending on Twitter soon after the name was announced.

The NFL team based in Washington, D.C. has fumbled over its name for years. After an increase in outside pressure to change the team name from a racial slur, the team decided to retire the name “Washington Redskins.” Until they select a new name, they will be called the Washington Football Team. Uniforms and helmets for the 2020 season will be changed to remove the former logo and name, replacing it with text that reads Washington Football Team. Fans will be able to buy merch with this interim team name on it.

‘Washington Football Team’ Memes

Although this new name is only temporary, people are expressing their opinions about it on social media, using memes to compare it to other unoriginal names.

Many people have compared the Washington Football Team’s new name to the “Greendale Human Being” mascot from Community.

Other Washington Football Team memes suggest alternate names…

The Washington Football Team’s name harkens back to Rob Lowe’s generic “NFL” hat.