The Brief: "Wants to be dominated/ wants to dominate you" memes add an unexpected comedic twist to an illustration about behaviors in the bedroom.


“Wants to be dominated/wants do dominate you” memes take a drawing about three hypothetical women’s sexual preferences and add an off-topic SFW fourth option. According to Know Your Meme, this format comes from an illustration by Japanese artist Miyamoto Issa.

The artist posted the original version in 2016:

Since then, the captions have been changed and translated into English. Variations of this “choose your girlfriend” image macro circulated on Facebook and in early 2020, people started replacing the fourth girl with a photo of someone else who “will” do something unrelated to sex.

He would never from dankmemes

Be a man from dankmemes

a nice barrel of oil would do from dankmemes

will will smith smith? from dankmemes

When they tried to match the ranger with the big iron on his hip from dankmemes

Cuz that is what heroes do. from dankmemes

It all comes full circle from dankmemes

It’s true! from dankmemes

Oh no, not again from dankmemes