The Brief: In the #WalkAMile TikTok trend, take steps in 'shoes' that are hastily constructed from everyday objects.


It’s summertime and it appears that many teenagers are relieving their boredom by participating in TikTok trends and meme challenges. In the latest challenge, people “walk a mile” in homemade footwear that’s made out of everyday objects.

These videos are set to a clip from the 2013 song “Work” by Iggy Azalea with the lyrics:

“Walk a mile in these Louboutins 

They don’t wear these sh**s where I’m from”

In the opening of this music video, Azalea struts down a desert road in her red-bottomed Louboutins. These meme videos present a much less bougie version of this scene.

Judging by the videos, this challenge can be slightly dangerous as strapping oneself to a tall or flimsy object and trying to walk can lead to falling over or jamming a toe. Of course, this is also true of many high heeled shoes.

The ‘shoes’ shown in these videos include everything from bread, water bottles, garbage cans, cakes, boxing gloves, jars of pickles, chairs, and more. Sometimes the captions make a joke about how ‘expensive’ the shoes were, comparing them to the Louboutins mentioned in “Work.”

Don’t knock this trend until you’ve “walked a mile” in the shoes of those who are braving it! On TikTok, the hashtag #WalkAMile has received over 108 million views.

Walk A Mile TikTok Memes