The Brief: Videos and GIFs of a cat dancing along and totally vibing while a man plays the drums and sings are circulating online with various captions and labels.


Videos of a cat dancing along to a street performer are a big mood. Iterations of “cat vibing while man plays drums memes” come from a video of musician Bilal Göregen performing Finnish folk music in Turkey. The video was posted to Göregen’s YouTube channel on November 1st with the title “Cat Vibing To Ievan Polkka.”

Although the cat never danced to this particular music in person, the scene has become a popular meme as people are labeling the cat, the drummer, and sometimes the drums to represent various people and scenarios.

I’m gonna fail anyway from teenagers

haha school go brrrrrrrr from teenagers


Cat vibing to man playing drums (gif version) from MemeTemplatesOfficial